An aging former rock star must play a legendary guitar for hours, nonstop, or lose his wife and son—and possibly himself—forever.


Urban legend hypes a “Guitar of the Gods,” but to history's greatest guitarists that instrument is Gretchen, an elusive, spark-spewing, ear-tingling electric guitar played by the likes of Hendrix, Paul, Young, Page, and Clapton.

Now it's Brett Bonham's turn. An aging, former hair band icon, Brett's a hunted man with one final shot at playing Gretchen after a thirty-year search. But those years took a toll. Haunted by his role in his wife's death, despised by his son, drawn in by the bottle, and forgotten by the music industry, he decides his final show will also be his final moments, period.

Then he strums Gretchen and finds his wife at his side... but she and a packed arena can only remain, and expose their secrets, if he can play the legendary guitar for hours without stopping.

The Seventh String is approximately 16,000 words -- the equivalent of about 60 paper pages. The story can also be found in Friends From 4 A.M., a collection of short stories.